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It is good to know that your home near the mountains will have amazing amenities and worthy facilities seldom found in other countryside reprieves. The RCD Royale Homes has a landscaped entrance gate with guardhouse. The whole community is guarded 24/7 with additional roving guards that patrol the premises any time of the day. It has a perimeter fence that surrounds the property to enhance the security of lives and properties.

Moreover, the RCD Royale Homes has a swimming pool, pool deck, a clubhouse, basketball court, multipurpose hall, landscaped gardens, parks, wide concrete roads with curbs and gutters, well-lighted streets, jogging paths, underground drainage system, efficient electrical power and water supplies, and other important community features. 

  • Parks and Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Clubhouse
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Road Lots
  • Swimming pool
  • Guard House
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As mentioned before, RCD Royale Homes does not only provide affordable homes but also showcases a community that provides living amenities that can rival those provided by other, more expensive residential villages. First of all, the community provides more than adequate security so that the residents and their guests will be safe all the time. The first line of defense that RCD Royale provides is a high concrete fence that surrounds the entire perimeter of the community. The fence is high and smoothly finished so that even the most enterprising intruders will not find it easy to climb. If anyone does manage to get to the top, they need to deal with kilometers of barbed wire.

The only way to gain entry to the community is through the main gate, which is not just extravagant but also has a lot of security measures in place. There is always at least one security guard posted at the main gate so there is always someone screening all of the vehicles and pedestrians going into the compound. Aside from the security personnel, there are also several CCTV cameras trained on the main entrance, so in case the guard posted suffered from a slight lax of attention, the cameras will still capture everything in video.

Another great yet underrated feature that RCD Royale Bulacan has is that the community is divided into a neat grid. This means that it is much easier to navigate through the community, even for your visitors. In addition, the community is divided in such a way that the townhouses are only located in the left half of the compound, and the single attached houses are on the right side.

The crowning glory of the RCD Royale Homes is probably the community clubhouse and recreational area. This place is located right in the middle of the community and visible just as you enter the main gate. First of all, there’s a rather large clubhouse with a spacious events area. So if you are in need of a large space for parties and similar events, you can ask the property management team if you can use it, for a small fee of course. There is also a landscaped mini-park and garden with a couple of benches so you will have a place to sit whenever you just want to relax.

The thing that will probably surprise you the most is that this affordable housing community has its own common swimming pool. The common pool, which is not quite as big as a proper lap pool, is big enough for people to just swim around and have a good time. If you and your family want to cool off during those hot summer days, you need not even have to leave the community. You just need to go to the clubhouse and jump straight into the water.

The RCD Royale community is just full of surprises. The amenities that this “budget” housing community are quite outstanding, especially if you factor in the cost of the houses. If you were still on the fence about whether you think that investing in RCD Royale Bulacan is a wise choice then these amenities might just sway you into thinking that it is.

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